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It all began one incredibly cold Arctic day in Alta, Norway under the Aurora Borealis...that in itself was the inspiration to take this journey for the passion that photography has become. Soon after a few months of spending time (and much investment into equipment) with many amazing photographers, reading numerous website blogs and courses, Seatography was born.

Seatography began as a social media outlet on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Designed to provide the world a snapshot of the places I got to visit that many people may never get the opportunity to. Three years on and it has now evolved into an exciting infant business, already working with charities, sailing clubs, artists and galleries on the South of England. The ever-growing image library is vast so only a handful ever get uploaded.  

Seatography (incorporating Seatography MCS (Maritime Commercial Services) and Seatography Media Services) are based in Southampton (UK) and provides the maritime industry a range of services to meet a host of solutions in a new demanding post Covid-19 world. Offering traditional camera work and also incorporating the latest innovative Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAV or drones) for aerial surveying, inspection, monitoring (including thermographic) purposes, the business has a host of fully tailored solutions available. Drones can safely go where humans can’t. Improving safety, reducing costs, speeding up processes and making access challenges a breeze, are just a handful of the benefits of using drones in the maritime industry.

Safety At Our Very Core

Seatography’s use of UAV’s follow a comprehensive CAA approved Operations Manual alongside full compliance with the Civil Aviation Authority code of safe drone flight. All our pilots are qualified A2 CofC (Certificate of Competency) and the GVC (General Visual Line of Sight Certificate - replaces the previous CAA PfCO certification). To ensure UAV operations can be carried out, we use the NATS Drone Assist application and will contact the local air traffic control if required in advance to taking flight.

On the water, our powerboat drivers are qualified to a minimum of the Royal Yachting Association’s Level 2 Powerboat qualification and International Certificate of Competence and vessels used go through stringent safety checks and carry all required safety equipment.

Our team will carry out all necessary risk assessments during the booking consultation and  may require a site visit prior to ensure all hazards and safety concerns can be addressed. On the day of the booking, a final risk assessment will take place to ensure no changes have happened and then ultimately it’s all systems go! 

An important factor to having safety as our core value is to create a culture to report any accidents or near misses. We are proud to operate safely in everything we do and will always strive to maintain a clean zero accident record but we do not negate that a near miss is a chance to learn from to ensure it will not happen again and develop into an accident. As we encourage reporting, we operate in parallel a just and fair culture to our safety system.  

Our Area Of Expertise

With an established professional career developed in the maritime industry from yachts and powerboats to superyachts and ships, we operate and specialise in knowing the industry we work in and it's why our customers keep  coming back to us knowing they are getting a product from a maritime based company.


Whether this is engaging Seatography MCS to carry out surveys, inspections or monitoring or Seatography Media Solutions to provide stunning visual  media from the air or on the water (or even the land) we have create bespoke solutions for your needs.

Read more in "Our Services" section of the website and then call contact us for and arrange a consultation. 

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